Is Washington Afraid of the Tea Party Movement?

Posted: June 28, 2010 in General

This is in response to an article published in American Thinker claiming that the Administration is afraid of the Tea Party movement. [click here for article]

This is speculative and largely fanciful thinking. I don’t think they are scared one iota, and even if they were, it would be foolish to think along those lines and succumb to arrogant complacency. To lend veracity to my counter-point I would remind you that we have appeared en masse at townhall meetings, in D.C., and across the country–and it did not sway either their policies nor the way they rammed them down our throat.

This administration is dancing to the tune of a globalist agenda that has been contrived over the last 40 years, and over the course of the last 10 years has gained so much traction throughout this country that all this Administration has to do is pass 2 more bills (Cap and Trade/and the EFCA) and we will be irreversibly ‘done’. Why is it you think that the CCX was set up 10 years ago? Think it was just a happenchance coincidence?

We have been duped into believing we actually have a 2-party system and failed to recognize that an equal number of Democrats and Republicans both sit on the Board of the CFR, both are on the Board of the Club of Rome, both are on the Board of the Trilateral Commission, and are seated on the Boards of a myriad of similar organizations that entertain global governance.

If we look at the current fast-paced acceleration of this socialist agenda, we can trace (in more modern times) it’s etiologies as having started at the time G.H. Bush signed Agenda 21. Concurrent to Agenda 21 is also a little known and never discussed protocol by the United Nations called the Marrakech Transition Program; which is a timeline that illuminates with great detail exactly when the groundwork for the next stage should be in place.

Once Bush 41 opened the door for this global vision, it was exacerbated by Clinton whom in 1993 by Executive Order set up the ‘President’s Council of Sustainable Development‘. Sustainable Development is a lexicon that is so commonplace nowadays that people have ceased to ascribe it’s nefarious origins to this modern buzz-word. Sustainable Development is the antidote to man-made climate change. This gave rise to ‘smart growth’, which was the outcome of Clinton’s PCSD, and from this sprung up 100’s of NGO’s such as Smart Growth America to capitalize on the new green economy.

Further, while indebting our youth (and thereby enslaving them to government controls in one form or another), they have indoctrinated them into the new-world paradigm by seizing control of the educational system. Maurice Strong wrote the Earth Charter Initiative which is a curriculum for global-stewardship, social justice, economic equality, and biological equity. This was adopted by UNESCO and signed by Bush 44 in 2000.

Smart Growth is promulgated throughout this country by ICLEI, an NGO that embraces United Nations Agenda 21 protocols and embeds them into almost every State, County, and City in this country. Even if we got out of the United Nations, the United Nations has infected us, and their tentacles reach wide and deep.

We conservatives remain forever distracted by allowing our politicians to manipulate us easily with the constant stream of legislation and policies that capture our attention. Thus we mostly remain fragmented and largely ineffective.

Are they scared? Not a chance! We should be scared—and we should have that fear drive us into ‘proper’ action. We need to be aware of what is really happening and why it is happening, we must make sure that those candidates we endorse are aware and build a unified consensus to support them, while at the same time be going to City Council meetings and unfurling the tentacles of ICLEI that strangle us.

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  1. silentwise says:

    Socialist scared of middle class and poverty stricken people who protest, fight against taxing high percentage of their income just like squish out too much money from their income very hard to stay alive with too little income.

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